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648 Sears St
Philadelphia, PA, 19147
United States


Building businesses in contexts of uncertainty. 

The Wild Easy

The Wild Easy 

The process for The Wild Easy was a mashup of Lean Startup methodology and Human-Centered Design. We started with a specific problem: How might we make women's experience of clothes-shopping a little more effortless and a little less miserable? We ended up with an online store. 

After interviewing dozens of women, we created a pop-up online retailer to test our assumptions about women shopping for clothes and to see if we could work our way to a solution. In particular we focused in on showing different body types in our models which allowed the user to better see how a certain product would actually work (or not work) with their body. We iterated six times in just two months, shipped skirts to Idaho as orders came in, and developed a strong skill-set in Human-Centered Design.  

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